Wanting a beautiful, perfect belly button…is that even a thing?

In the world of cosmetic enhancements, where almost everything is possible why do we still wonder if we are alone (or crazy) when channeling our inner perfectionist? We’re not! Most of the procedures we wonder about even being possible are being performed regularly. Yes, this includes belly button revision and enhancement.

It could be that your belly button has changed due to post pregnancy and there is extra skin surrounding the area. It could also be that you simply have an “outie” when you’ve been dreaming of an “innie” all your life. No matter the reason there is a safe and effective way for you to achieve the beautiful belly button you’ve been wanting. The medical/fancy term for this procedure is Umbilicoplasty. You could also call it the belly-button beautifier.

The Belly Button Skinny…

Like all cosmetic procedures it’s just as important to understand what is creating the issue as it is remedying it. When we take a look at the belly button and area as a whole it is necessary to research the cause of the problem as it pertains to your unique body specifically and what factors are making the belly-button to look the way it does.

If the problem is excess/hanging skin surrounding the belly-button, the actual belly button may only be part of the equation. There may be other procedures that can be done in conjunction with the repairing of the belly button that will give the most attractive result such as a tummy-tuck or even liposculpting. If we are just focusing on the belly button itself we are talking a very minor and breezy procedure.

How it’s done.

Let’s go over what exactly what goes down during an actual Umbilicoplasty procedure.The first step in transforming the belly button is to outline with a surgical marker. This is to make visible what areas of skin surrounding the belly button will be removed in order to tuck the belly button inward and suture it up neatly. Next, the removal of extra skin. There will be no visible scar when doing the Umbilicoplasty. The scar is hidden within the area of the belly button that is trimmed and tucked in. The results are seen instantly but will take a little time to heal completely.

Fat grafting can also be done around the belly button. This can be done to reduce the look of puncture marks from popular belly button piercing trends. A small amount of fat is removed from an area of the body and carefully placed in the area of the hole/piercing. When doing this we make the skin flush with the rest of the belly button. All of these treatments can produce a more attractive, healthier belly button and improve confidence when showing off your tummy!

What to do next?

Consult a pro. Ask an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon to take a look. Once you know what’s causing the belly button to appear the way it does it will be much easier to understand how to treat it. Don’t be shy, belly buttons come in all shapes, colors and sizes!

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