Drs. Steve Svehlak and Dan Yamini both perform liposuction at their Los Angeles-area practice, but no two of their surgeries are alike. Every patient who comes to Sunset Cosmetic Surgery for surgical fat removal gets a customized procedure intended to provide results that reflect their body: their proportions, their existing contours, and their natural look. The slimmer lines are meant to make the entire body look better—not stand out as obvious signs of “work done.”

Removing fat cells requires effort on the part of the surgeon to loosen them. This, too, is a customizable step, with several variations available to suit specific situtations.

Tumescent liposuction involves the surgeon injecting the area with an anesthetic fluid to reduce feeling as well as to swell the tissue to make it firmer and constrict blood vessels to reduce bleeding. Next, the surgeon inserts a wand-shaped cannula through a carefully placed incision, using the tool to manually free fat cells by essentially knocking them loose and then suctioning them out. When the desired volume has been removed, the incision will be sutured closed. Mini Sculpt Liposculpture is a variation on this, but intended more for “detail” work.

Power-Assisted Liposuction is similar to the tumescent procedure, but the cannula itself vibrates, relieving the operator of the need to apply manual force. This is not merely to save the surgeon from unnecessary exertion.  The vibration allows for a more easy fat removal and better control of smoother contour creation. By far the doctors prefer this method over others when fat is soft, easy to remove, and more predictable to contour.

SMART Lipo abandons the physical dislodging approach in favor of disrupting the fat cells with laser energy. This method is also preferred by some patients due to reduced trauma. Similarly, VASERlipo® breaks up fat cells with the power of ultrasound. In both cases, the fat is rendered into a more liquid-like state, which makes removal more efficient.

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