At Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, we obviously take pride in helping our patients to achieve the contours they’ve dreamed about—sometimes for years. While most of the procedures we offer shape the body in some way, few stand out as elegantly as the Brazilian butt lift. Los Angeles-area patients have likely heard the term, even if they don’t know exactly what it means. The surgery is about augmenting the buttocks, but the procedure’s name specifically applies to using a patient’s own fat as volume.

The true beauty of the Brazilian butt lift comes in its execution. To deliver the necessary results, Dr. Steve Svehlak or Dr. Dan Yamini will first identify an area of the body that has the capacity to donate fat cells to the contouring cause. Careful liposuction, gently handled to preserve the integrity of the vital cells, will result in volume reduction in the donor area—which is another of this procedure’s benefits.

The collected fat cells will then be purified, preparing them for their new home in the buttocks. They arrive via injections, which must be made with exceeding precision in order to create a natural roundness and maintain symmetry. The goal is to create a noticeable increase in volume without the final results appearing unnatural.

Patients who choose a Brazilian butt lift are often those who have lost significant weight, whether through diet and exercise, gastric surgery, or childbirth. Buttocks that have been voluminous in the past but are now deprived of bulky fat cells can appear deflated due to the skin’s failure to contract properly around the new contours. This leads to sagging.

Other patients find that their skin contracts as it should, but they are left with flat buttocks where there was once a healthy roundness. In still other cases, certain patients have had minimal volume in their buttocks throughout their entire life.

No matter the motivation, the end goal is the same: larger, rounder, firmer buttocks with skin that conforms to the curves instead of sagging.

Anyone considering a Brazilian butt lift should know that the human body is efficient when it comes to processing damaged or unneeded cells, so the volume initially added by the procedure may go down after the first visit due to fat cells being reabsorbed. A maintenance visit can touch up the area for results to be ultimately enjoyed.

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