Rhinoplasty and septoplasty are both surgeries that target the nose, but though the procedures are related, they accomplish different goals. A better understanding of how these two facial surgeries work—their similarities and their differences—can help patients partner more effectively with their surgeon to select the appropriate procedure for them. When it comes to rhinoplasty, the Los Angeles-based Dr. Steve Svehlak and Dr. Dan Yamini at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery aim to customize each surgery they perform, starting with a consultation to determine how to reshape or resize the nose to help improve its appearance. This visit can also help to uncover functional nasal problems that may be solved by surgery as well, since a nose that has a crooked appearance can indicate corresponding internal asymmetries that may impede airflow.

A rhinoplasty aims to change the look of the nose so it appears more balanced and symmetrical. For patients concerned with a nasal bump, a depression on the bridge, nasal asymmetry, a large or droopy nasal tip, or wide nostrils, rhinoplasty is the ideal procedure. This surgery can be performed open or closed, with the open procedure leaving a miniscule line on the columella and the closed method leaving no scar at all.

A septoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct a crooked or deviated septum to improve a patient’s ability to breathe easily and clearly. A deviated septum may be caused by genetics or be due to an injury. People who have had trouble breathing out of their nostrils throughout their lives or since suffering physical damage to the nose are typical candidates for septoplasty.

After having rhinoplasty or septoplasty surgery, a patient may notice some swelling and bruising, which can take days up to a few weeks to resolve. The surgery itself typically lasts less than three hours, and patients are able to return home on the same day after their procedure. Downtime is required for either surgery, and many patients plan to take five to seven days off work or daily chores to recover.

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