Divorce is one of the of the most stressful life events anyone can go through. According to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, divorce ranks at the top of the list, second only to the death of a spouse.

It’s natural that some of that heavy stress will take its toll on you physically. When it is time to for you to get back out to the dating scene, it only makes sense that you would want to look your best.

There are many reasons to have a cosmetic procedure or surgery after a divorce.  For example, some people simply want to “re-fresh” themselves, and having a procedure helps to remove some of the stress from their face. They often gain a newfound confidence and feel good about themselves.  Other people may have always wanted to have a type of procedure done, but their ex-spouse would not allow it. They embrace their newfound freedom and make the changes they have long desired.

These are positive reasons for post-divorce surgery, the desire for a new beginning or a fresh start. Even so, it is best to have a frank discussion with your doctor before making a medical decision of such magnitude. More worrisome are the patients who are strictly interested in making an ex-spouse or companion jealous.

Revenge plastic surgery is becoming increasingly more common worldwide. A 2011 survey by the Transform Plastic Surgery Group in the United Kingdom found that over a quarter (26%) of their patients were recently divorced women, while only 11% were newly single men.

The idea behind “revenge surgery” is simple: make your ex jealous and cause them to reconsider leaving you. However, having any kind of major transformative surgery after such a life-changing and stressful event is not advised, particularly if you are having the surgery for the wrong reasons.

Dr. Daniel Yamini and Dr. Steven Svehlak of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery advise their patients not to rush into monumental changes to their appearance without first asking “who is it that you are doing this for?”  The answer should be first and foremost that you are doing it for yourself, not anyone else.

It’s never a good idea to make changes to your body for anyone besides you.  The desire for change must come from within; that will always be true with any cosmetic enhancements or surgeries.

A good surgeon will help you evaluate your motives and desires if you are honest with them, and assist you in making a medical decision that will change your appearance in the most positive way possible.

At Sunset Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are committed to helping you achieve your “new beginnings” in a safe and positive way.  Call our office for a consultation today.  We are here to help you determine the best next step for you.




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