Glabellar Lines, also known as frown lines or the “elevens” (because they can resemble the number) are the lines or wrinkles that form in the area of your face in between your eyebrows — the “Glabella.”

What Causes Glabellar Lines?

People who tend to frown or squint when they focus during work or other activities (such as reading) cause the glabellar muscles to contract frequently, resulting in the appearance of glabellar lines.

Can I Treat Glabellar Lines at Home?

If your lines are more on the mild to moderate side, you might be able to see a bit of improvement by consistently massaging the glabellar muscles. Apply a bit of face-safe oil or lotion and massage the eyebrows, the area in between, and the bridge of your nose using your middle finger. Make sure not to apply too much pressure.

This may go without saying, but they are called frown lines for a reason. Be mindful of scowling while you work on the computer or read, and if your lifestyle is making you frown often, it might be time for a change!

How do Injectables Treat Glabellar Lines?

Injectable treatments like Botox and the newly FDA-approved Jeuveau work in much the same way. The treatment is injected into the area around the glabellar muscles and it prevents those muscles from contracting, resulting in an easing of the lines.

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