Wrinkles and age are seemingly inseparable. Depictions of senior citizens, intended to emphasize their longevity, almost always focus on visible creases and lines around a thick pair of glasses. But for all their association with the accumulation of decades, wrinkles often have their roots in a person’s younger years. They also have a tendency to appear sooner than expected—or desired. With that in mind, there is no simple answer to the question: “When should I get BOTOX®?” Injections at the Los Angeles-based Sunset Cosmetic Surgery are often intended for people on the older end of the spectrum, but these are by no means the only ones choosing a popular and reliable way to make their face appear smoother and more youthful.

Scientific study of the skin has revealed that the breakdown of processes that leads to visible signs of aging begin in a person’s 20s. This is when production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and more begins to drop, leading to changes in the skin. While wrinkles aren’t known for suddenly appearing, they can begin to make themselves known long before someone enters their 30s. This is because decreasing levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid cause the skin to dry out and thin.

Years of certain expressions have an especially cumulative impact on this less-resilient skin, since the muscles used to frown, scowl, or squint pull the skin into the exact same position each time. Eventually, related wrinkles and folds become apparent—and possibly permanent. Younger people tend to seek out BOTOX® for two reasons related to this.

One: “Preventive BOTOX®” is a treatment or series of treatments designed to tame wrinkle-causing facial muscles before they get a chance to spend decades contracting and etching age lines into the skin. Obviously, it’s better to start this strategy while young.

Two: Even 20-somethings aren’t immune to some visible signs of aging. Smoothing out some opportunistic crow’s feet can be just the thing to ensure Instagram-worthy selfie perfection.

Of course, there are people who don’t seem to show a hint of a wrinkle until they are well into their 30s or later. There is no “upper limit” for BOTOX®. As for a lower limit, its cosmetic use is intended for adults.

To learn more about BOTOX® in the Los Angeles area, reach out online or call 310-858-9100.

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