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We like to think real patient testimonies are the best…

We sat down with a special patient of Dr. Yamini’s, who had story she felt very compelled to tell.
She is super cute and her name is Lynn. Like thousands of women Lynn is experiencing “the maturing aspect of life” as she affectionately calls it, also known as aging. Whether we want to face it or not (pun intended), we are all aging! What’s the alternative right? What goes hand-in-hand with aging? Growth and change. Most superficially to our bodies and faces.

Naysayers, have a seat. 

We have all heard the various contradicting opinions voiced loud and proud by those that refuse to succumb to the concept of aging gracefully in our society. There are some negative ones out there. Some are based on the idea that there is too much emphasis on one’s outer appearance and that we should be comfortable in our aging skin; we’ve earned the wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. They represent a life well lived. Others simply condem what they don’t understand. 
While the idea of owning your fine lines and working your wrinkles may sound poetic, for a lot of us there is still a burning desire to look in the mirror and see a person who looks as vibrant, youthful, healthy and rested as they feel – even if we don’t always feel that way all of the time, we would prefer to look like it. These individuals are interested in learning more about what options the cosmetically advanced world of 2017 has to offer. Hey, can you blame them? That’s where the positives come into play. 

The real…

The truth is when done correctly, non-invasive (meaning we don’t have to put you under, cut you open or stitch you up) cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers can dramatically restore one’s youthful appearance. If you really think about it, these products are no different in concept than any anti-aging makeup, full grey coverage hair color or body shape wear. These quick and fairly painless procedures don’t just market to a more mature demographic either, women and men of all ages are enjoying their effects. Their manufacturers stress that the goal for a patient of any age is never to try and make a patient look “overdone” or augmented but rather refreshed to look like the most softened, well rested and youthful version of themselves today. 

Vertical lines, who?!

Lynn explains that this is exactly what she achieved with Dr. Yamini. When we sat down to have a casual conversation about her experience her eyes lit up when talking about her joy and excitement in finding a Dr. who finally understands her needs. She did not wish to look 20 years younger or even any different really. She wanted to treat a specific area; the vertical lines above her upper lip. She divulged they had been handed down to her by her beautiful mother..

(Don’t we all have that one trait that was handed down to us by a parent we would love to hand right back up? I know I do, eh hem…uni-brow.) 

When deciding what treatment plan would be best, Dr. Yamini admitted that no magical or miraculous product/procedure will eliminate the lines completely. However, by adding Juvederm™ filler to the lips, the lines can be softened and also create a more visually appealing mouth area, which completely distracts you from anything less aesthetically appealing. 


Lynn could not have been happier with her results and as we can see in her video looks absolutely gorg. We know that more important than looking beautiful is feeling beautiful. If there are existing treatments that cause us to do both when put in the right hands of Doctor/Patient well hey, sign us up! 

The products used on Lynn were:
Botox™ (in the forehead)
Juvederm Ultra XC™ (in the mouth area, lips and glabella)

Give our office a call, we would be happy to answer any and all questions regarding these procedures and anything else you may want to know. Better yet, come in and speak to Dr. Yamini himself.

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